Computerized skin analysis

Computerized skin analysis

Computerised skin analysis

It is a new-age method used to analyse a person’s skin’s condition. This is helpful for dermatologists to detect if there is any skin condition.

The process

A specialised camera is used for the process. The camera captures images of the surface-level skin and sometimes, when needed, even captures the deeper layers. These images are processed using dedicated software.

How is this useful?

There are numerous ways to show how this analysis is useful:

  1. It detects various skin characteristics, such as wrinkles, fine lines, pores, redness, etc.
  2. It also detects any sun damage to the skin through sunspots on the skin.
  3. It also helps keep the hydration level of the skin in check.
  4. This is useful for monitoring a person’s skincare progress over time.

After analysing the data, the dermatologist recommends the required treatment for the patient.