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What is the difference between medifacial and normal facials? Let’s find out.

Facials are a common skincare part in everyone’s life in order to maintain their skin looking healthy and radiant. We’ve all gone to a salon or a spa for a relaxing facial treatment. However, how effective and beneficial these are for your skin in the long run is still a mystery. Because the creams and potions used in these facials are largely administered to the skin’s surface, thorough penetration of the active ingredients is not ensured. This is when the medifacials come into play which has a wide spectrum of benefits for the skin as compared to normal salon facials. Let’s check one by one why medifacials are better than normal facials:

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1. Medifacials are customized according to different skin needs: Medifacials are evidence-based skin treatments that use medically validated substances to help with a variety of skin issues whereas the regular salon facials do not target any particular skin concern. A Medifacial is totally tailored to each client’s needs, whether it is for routine skin care, enhancing normal skin, or treating dark uneven skin tone, tanned skin, wrinkles and fine lines.


2. Medifacials work on deeper layers of skin: As the Medifacials involves the use of medicated products and latest equipment as part of a comprehensive medical procedure, the benefits is felt not just on the surface of the skin, but also deep inside the layers. As a result, the outcomes are long-lasting. While we talk about the regular facials, they just work on the superficial layer of skin and don’t penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin where the skin heals and repairs the most, which is why the results last only for few days.


medifacial benefits, types of facials, medifacials near me, facial types and benefits


3. Exfoliation process: In the normal facials, a physical exfoliator is used which is harsher on skin which strips the skin’s protective barrier. On the other hand, medifacials doesn’t comprise on skin’s barrier as they use chemical exfoliator such as AHA, BHA which efficiently removes the dead skin cells, giving your skin a healthy glowing look.


4. At the salon, the facials are done by some untrained professionals, however, the medifacials are done by the certified specialists and dermatologists who first carefully examine your skin type and the skin concern and then perform the best suited medifacial according to your skin needs.

So if you are looking for the solution to your specific skin concern, you can definitely vouch for medifacials for instant results that gives you brighter looking skin without any side effects.