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The Reality of Onion Oil:

Onions, which are usually thought of as a simple household essential, may have more purposes than just flavouring our food. Onion juice is also a home cure for hair loss, which may surprise you. Hair loss is extremely frequent, and it can take the form of bald patches, full baldness, or gradual thinning.

Hair loss affects millions of men and women and an inherited disorder known as androgenetic alopecia is the most prevalent cause of hair thinning or loss. It can also happen as a result of certain drugs or hormonal changes. Onion juice is a home remedy that many people are unfamiliar with. Some quick facts about onions are:

    • Onions contain nutrients that may be beneficial to hair.
    • If you’re allergic to onions, avoid using onion juice on your hair.
    • If the odour is too strong, a little lemon juice or rose water can assist.

Onion juice may aid in the development of thick, healthy hair. The nutrients in onion juice applied to the hair may nourish the hair follicles, resulting in more volume, gloss, and strength. The added food may help to minimise breakages and thinning. Onion juice may promote new hair growth in certain people in addition to conditioning.

To verify that the onion juice does not cause an allergic reaction, test it on a small patch of skin before applying it to the scalp. Even though the onions are not consumed, allergic people may experience symptoms if they come into contact with them on their skin. A small amount of onion juice can be applied to the inner elbow or back of the ear and left for a few minutes. It is advisable not to apply the juice to the scalp if irritation occurs. It’s also very important to keep onion juice out of your eyes. If onion juice gets into your eyes, it might cause burning and irritation. If onion juice gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them with cool water.


Some people may find onion juice useful for hair regrowth or conditioning, while others may not. Because research is limited, it is unclear whether hair growth will continue or if hair will return to its previous state if onion juice consumption is discontinued.

In the end, using onion juice as a hair treatment is unlikely to be a magical cure for hair loss. If you aren’t allergic to onions, it appears to be harmless for the majority of people.