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Suffering from hair loss: should you get a keratin treatment done? 

The protein that naturally occurs in hair strands and provides them structure is known as keratin. For this reason, keratin is frequently marketed as a protein that strengthens hair. The smoothing and glistening effects of keratin treatments are achieved by using keratin as well. You might be tempted to undergo a keratin treatment if your hair is frizzy or seems dry and damaged in order to smooth it out and add shine. However, keratin treatments may actually do more harm to hair than good because of the substances used and the intense heat needed to perform the process.

Formaldehyde, also regarded as a carcinogen, is another substance that is regularly used to treat keratin. This substance, which is extremely poisonous, is used to make embalming fluid. Even while hair loss is not a direct result of the keratin protein itself, excessive formaldehyde in a treatment can have a variety of negative effects, including this one. These factors make it possible for keratin and hair loss to coexist, and keratin treatments may cause excessive hair loss and thinning hair.

Hence, if you are already suffering from hair loss, it is better to avoid the keratin treatment as of now and focus on maintaining a good hair care regimen. Use a light densifying shampoo to cleanse and condition your hair so that it won’t be stripped of its natural oils while also nourishing the hair follicles. Eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins to support healthier-looking hair and strengthen it from the inside, and take a daily hair development supplement with certain substances from natural sources that have been clinically confirmed to work.