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Precautions to take before getting a Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

One of the most popular hair removal methods in recent years has been laser hair removal. The method is now a safer and more effective alternative to electrolysis thanks to developments in laser-based technologies.
Although laser hair removal isn’t a permanent hair removal method, results might endure for years with the right preparation. When the hair does grow back, it will do so with less density. Read through the following helpful advice on what to do beforehand to enhance your outcomes and reduce any undesirable side effects.

  1. Before beginning a treatment, always meet with your dermatologist in person for a consultation. A skilled practitioner will be able to evaluate your suitability and determine how many sessions you will require.
  2. Avoid bleaching, waxing, or hair removal three weeks before the treatment.
    The efficiency of the laser hair treatment depends on preserving the hair’s pigment and root. You run the danger of the hair not entering the regrowth phase if you pluck, bleach, or wax it prior to a treatment. If this occurred, the laser would have nothing to aim at.
  3. The dermatologists will recommend that you thoroughly clean your skin before treatment and make sure it is not oily ahead your appointment in order to get the best results.
  4. Shave the morning of your appointment. Laser targeting is most effective when the hair follicle is in its active growing stage, which is induced by shaving. The region or areas to be treated must be shaved within 24 hours of your visit. Longer hair is removed by shaving while the root is left untouched. The laser targets the hair’s root, thus for your treatment to be effective, the root must be present.
  5. In order to maximise the efficiency of the treatment, tanning should be avoided for 4-6 weeks before the procedure. This includes staying away from self-tanning lotions and sprays too.

These are a few of the safety measures one should follow before beginning laser hair removal. But if you follow the instructions precisely, you can truly experience some excellent improvements.