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How to treat age spots:

Age spots are blemishes that frequently develop on the skin after an extended period of sun exposure.

Age spots develop when the body produces too much melanin. The pigment melanin is what gives skin its colour. The body produces additional melanin to shield the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation when it is exposed to sunlight. The skin gets darker as more melanin is generated. Age spots develop when extra melanin in the skin congregates.

Although, you don’t need to address these little, flat, dark spots on your skin because they won’t do any harm. However, you can alter the spots’ appearance if you don’t like the way they appear to be there. Additionally, you may prevent existing ones from getting darker and prevent brand-new ones from forming.

A person has a range of options if they want to have a proven age spot removed for cosmetic reasons. Age spots can be lightened with topical treatments. A safe product may be prescribed by a medical expert. Over time, these creams gradually fade spots. Remember: You must use creams consistently for several weeks or months for them to be effective. Before choosing the best cream, it is advisable to discuss adverse effects with a dermatologist because they can occasionally irritate the skin.

A cosmetic treatment that eliminates layers of discoloured skin may be more effective than a whitening cream if you desire to get rid of dark spots quickly. Some of the cosmetic procedures that can remove or lighten age spots are dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser surgery, chemical peels, and cryotherapy.

Cryosurgery is a completely distinct type of therapy in which the aberrant cells are eliminated by freezing them, which causes them to disintegrate. A dermatologist consultation is the best approach to ensure you receive the therapy that will produce the best outcomes for your skin type given the wide variety of therapies available.