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Grey hair: is there a way out to control grey hair?

Once you reach the age of 35, your ageing hair follicles are likely to create a new white or grey hair to replace the previous hair that died, even though your genetics will govern when greying really begins. The natural aging process is most frequently the source of grey hair. Premature greying, or when hair whitens sooner than expected, can be caused by a number of different factors, such as stress, genetics, any particular vitamin deficiency, any prolonged disease, and smoking.
Regardless of what age it occurs at, grey hair can be difficult for some individuals to accept. While some people would welcome the hue shift, others might want to stop or reverse the process. Can grey hair actually be turned back? Are there any actions you could take to stop this from happening? Let’s find out…
The safest answer to it would be no. However, this has been the case up until lately. It was formerly believed that a hair follicle could not regrow its colour on its own once it had stopped producing melanin. However, a recent study suggested that grey hair may be temporarily reversed. Researchers were able to examine how certain hair shafts altered over time in the study. They discovered a connection between stress and greying hairs, and when stress was reduced, some hair colour was recovered.
Another side of the story says that contrary to what is claimed online and by product marketers, hereditary causes of white hair cannot be reversed. Once your hair follicles stop producing melanin on their own, they are unable to do so. Your hair first goes grey when melanin synthesis decreases, then white when it has totally halted. If the grey hair is brought on by a medical issue, addressing the greying hair can enable colour pigments to reappear. The condition may be reversed or prevented from getting worse if diet and vitamin deficits are to blame for prematurely white hair.