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Getting a new tattoo after having one removed: what you need to know –

Yes, you can typically get a fresh tattoo over a previously removed one. But there is a waiting period that must be overcome. The skin requires some time to heal after receiving a new tattoo, and this procedure is also required before having a laser tattoo removed.

After receiving laser tattoo removal treatments, you can get another tattoo because the procedure leaves your skin with a blank canvas. During the healing process, the skin will be sensitive, but once it has healed, the skin is perfectly prepared for fresh tattoos.

Your skin is stressed out during laser tattoo removal. The laser photons are absorbed by your skin. These rays are transformed into heat energy, which smashes the tattoo inks in your skin so that your body can remove them. Not only your skin experiences stress both during and after laser tattoo removal, your entire body is under stress. Because of this, some patients who receive laser tattoo removal become ill. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your body time to relax and heal. As a result, it is advised to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks post laser tattoo removal prior obtaining a new tattoo.

The presence of scar tissue is the sole difficulty with re-tattooing over earlier inked skin. Scarring after laser tattoo removal is a very unusual side effect, but it can happen. Scar tissue prevents the ink from adhering to the skin consistently, which can affect the definition of the pattern of the new tattoo.

Be sure to provide the region with aftercare; it is always advised to use ice and aloe vera to calm the area and lessen inflammation following each session. Use an antibiotic to prevent skin infection if blistering occurs. Apply sunscreen to shield delicate skin from damaging UV rays. After pampering your skin and giving it time to heal, you can get a fresh tattoo without any problems.