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Causes of Dark Underarms

The colour of your skin should match the undersides of your arms. However, the colour of the skin on the armpits might occasionally change. Numerous factors, some of which are discussed below, might contribute to dark underarms.

1. Acanthosis nigricans: Acanthosis nigricans is a disorder that thickens and darkens the skin. Although the neck is where it is most frequently seen, it can also happen in the armpits. It could indicate insulin resistance and serve as a precursor to the onset of diabetes. Sometimes, drugs like insulin and steroid pills can also lead to acanthosis nigricans.

2. Use of antiperspirants and deodorants: The main component in most deodorants is aluminium that restricts sweat ducts and burns skin. Alcohol and other additives in these deodorants can be irritating to the sensitive skin beneath the arms. These chemicals have the potential to cause mild skin irritation and persistent skin inflammation. Any irritation may eventually cause the skin to thicken and get darker.

3. Clothing friction: The majority of contemporary clothing is seamless, yet the tight armholes are a drawback. After some time, the melanocytes which are the cells that make melanin, are destroyed as a result of constant friction between the tight-fitted cloth and the underarm skin, releasing pigment and resulting in dark underarms.

4. Shaving and waxing: The delicate skin behind the arm might become irritated by shaving. When your skin is irritated, it thickens to shield itself from further harm. Your skin experiences an inflammatory response from irritation, which results in discoloration over time. Shaving can have the same effect as waxing or performing any other abrasive treatment on the armpit.

Dark underarms are a problem for many women. While choosing to lighten the region is a matter of preference, treating your armpits gently can help to lessen or even stop hyperpigmentation.