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Best Hair Transplantation in Vadodara

Since last couple of years there is so much buzz about this procedure. More people are showing interesting in fighting their baldness and getting hair transplant done to have fuller head again. Since, there is so much information available on internet about hair transplantation and many of such information contradict each other so most patients who are looking for hair transplant get more confused. So “Aura Laser & Cosmetic Clinic” aim is to provide more transparent information about hair transplantation which can guide you people to come to decision what can be achieved & what are just myth and assure to give in most affordable pricing.  We can assure honest & best diagnosis for hair transplantation, with affordable pricing and mostly take care of post hair transplantation surgery, which is very paramount. So we will take this in question & answer form, so you can easily understand it.

What is hair Transplantation and how we do in Vadodara? What are the techniques available in Vadodara for hair transplantation?

Hair Transplantation simply means transfer of hair roots or follicular units (commonly called as grafts which contains bunch of hair roots) from one place also called donor site where you can see good density of hair to another area which is called as recipient site, which is usually a bald area.  You can see in below image.

Now come to the Aura Laser & Cosmetic Clinic’s technique.

Basically there are two main techniques of hair transplantation and main difference is in how the donor hair roots are taken out from donor area. So techniques are

  • Strip method popularly known as FUT technique of follicular unit transplantation.

In this technique, after anaesthetising donor area, a horizontal strip of skin is excised and taken out along with hair roots as you can see in right side image. After this the gap created at donor site is covered by suturing the above and below free edges of skin like it is done for any cut injury.

Now come to the removed piece of skin. This strip is further dissected under high magnifying microscope to separate individual hair roots which are now known as grafts.

These grafts are inserted/ implanted into bald area after creating tiny holes after anaesthetising recipient area.

  • FUE method also called follicular unit extraction.

In this technique of hair transplantation, after anaesthetising donor area, tiny cylindrical punches are used to take out the hair roots/ follicular by putting very small cuts instead of giving long incision as shown in left part of image. Now this grafts are taken out and are inserted/ implanted into bald area after creating tiny holes after anaesthetising recipient area same like the above technique.

So in summary, both techniques differ only in the way how donor grafts are taken out from donor area and accordingly they are names as (1) Strip method or FUT methods and (2) FUE also called follicular unit extraction method of hair transplantation.  We will see what are other differences between these two techniques, in subsequent questions and answers session.

How hair transplant works and how we are successful in Vadodara for this? What is the principle behind hair transplantation?

Before understanding the principle behind hair transplantation, we must know one fact that the hair we are having on our head and other body parts are not of same origin and thus have different life span and characteristics. Even In male person, hair on front and top area has less life span compared to the hair on back of scalp and sides in some patients.

So to make it simple I would say there is one segment of hair which has less life span (due to genetic reasons and sensitivity to DHT hormone in body) and thus they start falling early and person develops baldness eventually. Front and top of scalp are the areas where we see such type of hair which may fall early in life. See the image.

At same time there is another set of hair which has sort of longer life compared to previously discussed set of hair and stays longer mostly entire life. Such hair is located on back side and side of scalp commonly known as occipital scalp. See image below.

So now as we know that we have hair in some part of scalp which can grow longer period of life and some which can fall early. So we take the hair roots which have comparative longer life and place them where the baldness is. Once they start growing normally the baldness is no more obvious. Keep reading our various blogs to gain more knowledge about hair and skin care.

We can assure you best affordable and honest hair transplantation and hair problem solution in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

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Thank you for reading.