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Anti Ageing Treatments

Anti-Aging treatment by laser for the skin is a dream of every woman. Ageing process takes its in many ways, Which includes expression lines on face, loss of weight, loss of calcium from bone and the important one – sun damage to face skin. There are procedures to skin soothing and tightening to reduces wrinkles.
To look young face requires some treatment for face lift requires.
We try to help to full fill at our skin care clinic. Laser treatments for skin, like following.

Acne, Sun Rays, Skin Disorder, physical scar and other damage skin in many ways.

ENDYMED Tightening - US FDA Approved


Why does our skin lose elasticity and sag?

Even if you have lived a healthy lifestyle with minimum sun exposure, your skin will gradually become saggy with time. Aging, weight loss, exposure to the sun, and pregnancy are some factors that affect the elasticity of skin’s collagen fibres. This results in wrinkles on the skin and sagging pores of the skin.

Can sagging skin be reversed non-surgically?

Yes, skin elasticity can be restored by using innovative, non-invasive RF technologies. Years of working with the EndyMed 3DEEP technology has proved that it successfully tightens the loose skin and promotes the production of new, healthier collagen in your skin.

What is Radio Frequency (RF) and how does it work?

Radio Frequency is an oscillation rate of electric current which heats the collagen to emit energy deep into the dermis. The depth and strength of RF can be adjusted according to the individual’s skin type. The specially designed algorithm of the EndyMed 3DEEP machine ensures that energy flows in the direction of targeted cells and tissues. This procedure stimulates collagen regeneration and increases the skin’s elasticity. It successfully reduces the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Advantages of RF are as follows:

  •     It penetrates deeper into the skin
  •     It isn’t tormented by skin colour, which means that Radiofrequency can be done safely on all skin types without causing side effects.

What are the disadvantages of other RF treatments?

Other types of RF technology either penetrates too deeply into the skin or don’t deliver enough heat. Sometimes, this may cause surface or subsurface burns and doesn’t show desired results. 

What are the advantages of EndyMed 3DEEP over other RF technology?

  •     3DEEP represents the newest version of RF technology. It is an evolutionary RF-based system for skin tightening, body contouring, and fractional skin resurfacing.
  •     For the first time, 3DEEP technology contains multiple electrodes for safe and energy-based treatment. It controls the amount of heat to be delivered and minimizes its impact on the outer layers of the dermis.
  •     EndyMed 3DEEP also allows us to personalize the treatment parameters depending upon the skin type and body part for an individual. 

Which body parts can be treated with 3DEEP RF?

We can treat most of the body parts with DEEP RF technology. The research suggests that different body parts require different energy parameters. Our systems have dedicated handpieces installed to treat the skin effectively on various body parts.
Post consultation and analysis of your skin, our physicians at Aura will determine the treatment parameters for you to achieve optimal customization. 

What should I expect during the treatment?

uring the treatment, your deep skin layers will be heated gradually, but the surface temperature will remain around 40°C. Your skin temperature is constantly monitored. The treatment may take 30-45 minutes depending upon the size of the area or body part being treated. The treatment is painless, comforting, and has no side effects. 

What is the recovery time?

You can immediately return to your normal routine post-treatment. You might notice slight redness around the treated area that disappears in a few hours. 

How many sessions are required to achieve the desired results?

Your EndyMed technician will offer a series of sessions according to your customized treatment program. Usually, six to eight sessions are performed with intervals of one or two weeks. You’ll see the results after the second session and further improvement will appear throughout the treatment.

The skin will appear more natural and tighter as new and healthier collagen forms. The gradual improvement will continue to appear even after the completion of the treatment program.

How long does the effect last?

EndyMed results are long-lasting, but they may vary according to your lifestyle and skin type. Body contouring or tightening treatments are subject to your calorie intake, exercise routine, and lifestyle. So, a healthy lifestyle, appropriate exercise programs, and a proper diet should help you maintain the desired effects.

Venus Viva Tightening - US FDA Approved

Aura is one of the certified providers of Venus Viva treatments. Our clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and instruments to perform such anti-aging treatments for all skin types.

Venus Viva is designed for dermatological procedures to improve collagen and resurface the skin. Venus Viva combines the advantages of Nano Fractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology in a single system for optimum results.

In this treatment, tiny pins are pressed into the skin while the CO2 laser simultaneously delivers the heat. This fractional treatment causes minimal discomfort to the patient and the desired results are obtained.

Venus Viva’s Unique System

Venus Viva’s unique system allows the technicians to manage the process manually for maximum effectiveness and minimum patient discomfort.

Nano Fractional Radio Frequency delivers the heat through the skin’s surface, creating micro-dermal wounds. The wounds heal naturally by rebuilding collagen and stimulating fibroblast. This starts the tissue remodelling process.

The Venus Viva system is “colour-blind” which means it is safe for all ethnicities and complexions. Apart from your eyelids and lips, any part of your body can be treated with this system.

Venus Viva can also treat and correct the signs of acne scars, other types of scars, skin damage, stretch marks, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, irregular skin texture, and pigmentation.

RED LED Treatment - US FDA Approved

  • Reduces redness on the face
  • Reduces signs of aging 

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