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All you need to know about Over-the-counter skincare products VS Dermatologist prescribed skincare products:

Over-the-Counter skincare refers to skincare products you may get at the chemist and beauty store without a prescription. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate over-the-counter cosmetic items.
FDA-approved prescription skincare products are only available with a dermatologist’s prescription. For the treatment of medical skin disorders, these products have solid scientific support demonstrating both their safety and effectiveness. These solutions are designed to reach the hypodermis, the lowest layer of the skin, because they were created using clinical research and knowledge. This aids in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and brown spots by stimulating the development of collagen and elastin.
A qualified dermatologist gives a professional advice on the medications, active substances, and strength that will best fit each patient. Dermatologist’s prescribed products are also totally customised. To get the best outcomes, products may be made to fit certain needs, skin types, and objectives.
Your skin’s unique features, such as whether it is oily, dry, or combination, as well as your skin problems and concerns, will ultimately determine if a dermatologist prescription skin care product will work better than an over-the-counter skin care product. It can be challenging to develop a comprehensive skin care regimen that takes into account both current problems and lays the groundwork for future healthy and attractive skin since it depends on so many different variables. Therefore, it is usually preferable to first contact a reputed dermatologist who can provide you with guidance on skin-related issues before spending a lot of money on any skin care products.