Acne Scar Removal Treatments Information

Acne on the skin is a common problem among aged between 15-25 yrs, some time age more than 30 also causes the skin problem. Acne is not simple every time, expert advice required when common solutions to treat the acne is not working.
Scar of Acne after treatment of acne is an another issue, which is once again a common among all. Which reminds you about your acne in the teenage and lead to depression also. The scar may be of any type treatment is required.

Some of the Treatments to reduce acne scar on the face.

1 Application of local ointment over the scar of acne.

Retinoic acid based cream used to repairs scar on the face. Better results are seen in the case keloid scar form by acne.

2 Laser Treatment for acne scar removal

When acne scars do not disappear on its own, then laser treatment will be best to reduce acne scars. Cosmetologist or dermatologist who does laser treatment can help to reduce scars. Fractional Co2 laser treatment used by dermatologist, treatment session may be depending on the patient and take several days to heal.

3 Micro-dermabrasion

This technique is done by spying small crystal on skin in order to remove an outer layer of skin. Leaves pink spots immediate after treatment which recovers within 24-48hrs.

4 Chemical Peeling

Chemical peel technique is a good treatment for your skin to remove outer layer from skin. With outer skin, it also removes acne scars, sunburns, wrinkles etc. Cosmetologist decides the type and number of session required for full treatment.

Does and Don’ts in Acne

Picking or squeezing of acne is not good for skin, it damages skin in a way that skin get inflamed and untimely leave permanently scar on the skin.
Expose of skin to the sun between the timing of hot day i.e. 11 am to 4 pm ( in India especially during summer up to 5-6 pm it’s hot). Scars get more dark and inflamed because of UV rays of Sun.
Use of Vitamin-E to be restricted, because of directly applied Vitamin-E delays process healing of scar.

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