Carbon Peeling

Treatment of Carbon spectra Peel developed first of all in Asia, And now becomes one of the most popular laser Anti-Aging Skin Treatment available, Carbon Laser Peeling has revolutionized facial rejuvenation. A process of Facial Rejuvenation that is safe and pleasant. Carbon laser peel leaves the Facial skin invigorated with reduced pore size, promotes uniform skin coloration and tone from collagen stimulation and resolves acne without medication. Patients with oily skin enjoy the noticeable reduction in excess oil production in as little as two sessions.

3 Stage Process of Carbon Laser Peeling

Aura Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, the only clinic in Baroda offering the true Asian Carbon Laser Peel – skin treatment. The Spectra laser Peel can be complete in a 3 stage process that is quick and painless also effective hence it is popular among all age group.

First Stage

First, the skin gently cleansed of any extraneous makeup, perfumes, and oils. Then first of all medicated Carbon Lotion is gently massaged onto the forehead, cheeksnose, and chin. Start laser process after allowing the lotion to dry the first. Set Laser to a high energy but slow delivery. This slow release of laser energy makes the process extremely comfortable as a result laser energy absorbed by the carbon spectra lotion gently warms the deeper tissues, due to promoting collagen production the most important factor for anti-aging which leads to smooth and better skin tone.

Second Stage

The second stage uses a completely different laser system, which is designed to gently and accurately remove the carbon lotion finally. The carbon fragments are vaporized taking away the superficial outer layer of dead skin cells and simultaneously clears and shrink pores.

Third Stage

The third step requires the slow delivery laser again, this time removing any remaining debris, oils, dead cells and carbon. Rejuvenating the skin and for better anti-aging results in addition.

After your treatment which takes about 20 minutes your face is washed in gentle cleanser and vitamin-C rich antioxidant applied. The skin will have a flush appearance, but cosmetics can be applied just one day later.

It is essentially a superficial resurfacing that has no downtime.

The depth of resurfacing is 25 microns and has the effect of several superficial peels yet only one treatment.

Although you may see improvement after the first session optimal results are obtained with five sessions spaced 2 weeks apart then annual maintenance.

Patients universally LOVE the carbon Spectra laser peel and the way their face looks and feels afterward. Plus, no downtime!

The spectra peel has been proved safe and effective with significantly less potential for pigmentation changes or scars than comparable treatments.

Benefits of the Spectra laser Carbon Peeling for Anti-Aging

  • Large Pores Shrink
  • Reduction in oily skin
  • Clearing of Acne without medicine adult and teen
  • Yellow/Brown patches fade or disappear
  • Increased Skin Tone and Texture
  • Scar Shrinkage ( must be young scars of smaller diameter)

Carbon peeling for Acne -Laser Skin Treatment

  • Reduces risk of Acne Scars
  • Eliminates the need to extract comedones
  • Simultaneously targets P. Acne bacteria and shrinks the Sebaceous gland
  • Normalizes skin cell layering ( hyper cornification)
  • Reduces Sebum and gland size 30%
  • Reduces the size of cysts, papules, and acne nodules

The carbon laser peel treats all the causes of acne at the skin level at each session. The shrinkage of the sebaceous gland is essential because the excess secretion of sebum is a major initial cause of adult and teen acne.

The Soft Peel to be altered version of the carbon laser peel for individuals who have very sensitive or dark skin. Patients with melasma, Hyperpigmentation, and other pigment problems tolerate the ” soft” laser peel very well. Similar to the carbon peel but gentler because less heat is delivered to the collagen.

Patients LOVE both procedures and find that they have the results of multiple chemical peels in a single painless session

Laser toning:

The photoacoustic and thermal properties of the 1064 laser result in increased skin tone and tightening. This is achieved through activation of collagen and a protein that becomes depleted and weakened as we age finally. Our Carbon Peel and skin treatments help reverse those changes. Great for the face, neck, chest, and hands!


Photograph Spectra Lotion allowed ti dry after applied finally.

Quasi Long pulse laser removed the carbon lotion leaving the skin below refreshed.

(note top photo the patient had under lid eye shields on)