Doctor Aditya Shah, Cosmetics Laser Skin Specialist in Vadodara.

Cosmetics Laser Skin Specialist, Doctor Aditya Shah runs AURA Laser & Cosmetic Clinic in Vadodara. Dr. Aditya is dedicated towards quality care in a very warm & friendly atmosphere. The Objective is to provide the best quality services and treatment and Up to date and compassionate care for all patients.

Young Cosmetologist is registered with various medical associations like IMA, ISPD, ACSI and ISCS to remain updated with new technology and skill time by time. Actively busy in spreading awareness about the facts and myths about skin problems. Traveled around the world and a sought-after Dermatologist who has attended various workshops and conferences.

Patient Centred Approach

We strive to provide the highest standard of individualized warm and friendly services for the patients. The patient feels friendliness at AURA Laser & the Cosmetic Clinic, staff is trained to give full details of treatments and mentioned services or treatments.

Cosmetologist’s clinic

Laser hair removal is a specialized area of Dr. Aditya Shah. Cosmetologist’s clinic is located in a well approached Alkapuri area of Vadodara, Gujarat. A modernized clinic is equipped with all available latest medical instruments related to skin treatments.

Doctor Aditya Shah is a well-known Laser hair removal and Laser cosmetic Specialist in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Gujarat.

 Dr Aditya

Dr. Aditya Shah
Getting Degree Certificate
after successfully completing Diploma in
Laser Aesthetic Medicine(DALM)
[University of Griesfield, Germany]


Dr. Aditya Shah
Giving Lecture about
Fractional CO2 Lasers in Dermatology